Перед нами прототип инструмента, названного в честь известного во всем мире скретчера – Tonspielzeug. Дословный литературный перевод – «игра тона», но если вы присмотритесь к видео, вы увидите, что все несколько сложнее.

Вот, что говорит дословно о своем творении сам создатель:
"i wanna give you some informations about this project. The translation of the word is correct. The idea of this musical instrument is to play "with" tones (basically the main idea of turntablism) - so this is the "Tonspielzeug".

Its kind a like a transformation from turntable and mixer to a self contained Instrument.

The technical preparation of this instrument is based upon a thesis (Bewegungslehre) about the music notation of turntablism (S-notation) from Alexander Sonnenfeld (release is August/September).

The Tonspielzeug is the summation of existing technical components and make it possible to transpose all contents of this music theoretical work from Alexander Sonnenfeld. Here are some facts for the moment:

Its a software controller (music stored in the computer system)
It contains at the moment the running gear of a Technics 1200 and the cross/linefader section of a vestax 07.

The platter is transparent and you can see some coloured areas thereunder. That makes is possible to indicate chronological positionings of the sample you can play.

This important principle is in accordance to the S-notation which includes also coloured notes (please look at the transcription). That make it possible to read which parts on the sample is to play.

The marker on the top disk is a position indicator and works like a sensor. The small screen will be planned for a control module and indication of pitch/volume/efx,...... The vertical use of the crossfader is in accordance with the idea of Deeznote but is subject of a different functional principle.

I hope you can work with this informations and please announce the notational indication in this article (16 bars of this performance)."

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